Sponsored: Being a Mobile Role Model, brought to you by LG and their Text Ed Council (Room 11B)

Mobile technology has been a huge boon to parents, bringing both convenience and peace of mind. When used properly and responsibly, mobile phones can provide many positive benefits including opening the lines of communication. That being said, it is also one more tool that can be mis-used, by parents and kids alike.  Recent research conducted by LG Mobile Phones found that adults are more comfortable than ever using mobile phone technology, yet very few believe their children engage in harmful mobile phone behaviors – such as texting while driving and sexting.  Yet, LG’s research has shown that parents also engage in these questionable behaviors. 

To help parents address the risks of mobile phone misuse among teens, and how their own behavior could impact their children, LG Mobile Phones launched a comprehensive initiative called LG Text Ed. Providing insight into the complexities of contemporary parenting in the new mobile reality, blogger and middle school administrator Kelly Wickham will moderate a discussion with Rosalind WisemanLG Text Ed Advisory Council member and author of the seminal work on raising daughters in today's world, Queen Bees and Wannabes, the basis of the movie "Mean Girls". Joining them both will be Maria Vargas, a girl gamer, and Camille Hakansson, a teenage book blogger, to give you a 360 degree perspective on how tweens, teens and adults can all educate themselves on the dangers of mobile phone misuse, discover strategies to help prevent potential problems and learn how to model positive behavior to their children and their peers.