Ketchum presents: Consumers Are Co-Brand Managers: Are You Listening?

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Event Date: 
August 5, 2010 - 1:30pm - 2:45pm
Conference Day: 
Day 1

As consumers, especially women, grow ever more connected, they are also more aware of, responsive to, in control of, and even amplifiers of the branded communications that target them. They are so plugged in to the brands and companies they interact with that they have essentially become co-brand managers with those who have the official title. How are you listening to and engaging these critical influencers and purchasers?

Recently-released research on these connected consumers paints a very clear picture for marketers, with findings that may surprise you. What’s the #1 action such consumers are willing to take if your brand or company does not listen to them? Find out what consumers say they will and will not do. Kelley Skoloda, partner at Ketchum and author of Too Busy to Shop: Marketing to Multi-Minding Women, will host a panel discussion with companies that are both listening and adapting. These brands will share real-world experiences, real-life stories and real insights as this lively discussion unfolds with panelists that include: Kristin Suppelsa, Vice President and Manager Communications Support, Liberty Mutual; Jonathan Kopp, Partner & Global Director, Ketchum Digital and Beth LaPierre, Chief Listening Officer at Kodak.