Sponsored Sessions | Roundtable: Build Community, Return Visits, and Monetization through Comments, brought to you by Disqus

You put a ton of work into making your blog the best it can be, but oftentimes, your contributions are only half the story. Your blog takes on a life of its own – a measureable and monetizable life – within the comments section. What are you doing to grow your community on your blog? Disqus joins bloggers who are building online communities on their own sites to discuss the benefits (both for bloggers and readers alike) of encouraging conversation, and providing the right tools to foster it. Discover if you have an untapped community waiting for you, quantify the value of activating your audience to comment, and demystify the free tools Disqus provides bloggers.

Panelists: Danielle Smith, Fadra Nally, Lindsay Ferrier, and Lizz Porter

Moderator: Amanda Nudelman