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It’s the night of all Hallow’s Eve. A thunderstorm looms outside. The wind gusts. Thunder roars. Lightning crackles. Rain begins to pour. Another bolt of lightning shoots down and the power goes out. You are snuggled under the covers reading a fun classic Halloween themed story by flashlight. Just like you did as a kid. The haunting tone of the late Vincent Price echoes a narration inside your head with each turn of the page. Two pages in and your knees knock. Your teeth begin to chatter. In the midst of woven-word fright between pages seven and ten, you manage to chew your fingernails down to nubs.

The book contains the tale of an infamous Dust Bunny Monster. A monster, more feared than the Wicked Witch. A monster who lurks about under the bed, searching for a toe or two to nibble upon.


This naughty monster especially enjoys tasty tiny pinky toes, but only when dust bunnies can’t be found. The Dust Bunny Monster is every parent’s worst nightmare, and yet, every child’s perfect excuse for not cleaning under the bed. For as long as there are dust bunnies hiding underneath the bed, your ten toes will most likely remain intact.

You are just about to reach the climax of the book, when your ears suddenly hear footsteps approaching. Your eyes detect a tall shadowy figure now standing before you. Your heart begins to pound. A lump rises in your throat. All of a sudden a hand reaches forward. 

“It’s the Dust Bunny Monster coming for my toes! Oh no!” 

You panic and reach for your toes. A white streak appears in your hair like the ‘Bride of Frankenstein’. You hold your breath. You say your prayers. And then.....and then... 


A family member has let you know the power is back by turning on your lamp. A great Halloween scare like that calls for a raid on the leftover Trick or Treat Candy still sitting in a bowl by the front door. And so, you munch until you get a sugary tummy ache from ingesting all of those sweet ‘so worth it’ temptations. Ahhh...to be a kid again. Ain’t it sweet?

Why should kids get to have all of the fun on Halloween. Halloween is the one time a year, besides Christmas, where an Adult can be a kid and not be called immature. Sometimes it is fun to put down those gory Halloween themed books for adults and take a step back to childhood and read something short, sweet, spooky and fun.

After you load up on candy, load your brain up by reading a few of these Candy Corny Classic books which are all available for purchase on Amazon.com



Hemophobula is the exact opposite of everything an O+ plasma guzzling vampire is supposed to be. He stands three feet tall, has large buck toothed fangs, an allergy to dust, an oversized cape that drags on the floor, and faints at the sight of blood. In order to become a Count like his celebrity idol, Dracula, Hemophobula will have to pass at least one of Miss Fangloosa’s, “How To Be A Vampire” classes at Sukaurblood Academy without making a mistake. But, can Hemophobula do it before graduation day? 



First aired in 1966, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown has become a staple of Halloween and one of the most beloved holiday specials in history. This charming full color abridgement of the classic animated story features a hangtag with a custom charm and all the lovable antics of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the Peanuts Gang.



Before it's too late, Harold the dog and Chester the cat must find out the truth about the newest pet in the Monroe household -- a suspicious-looking bunny with unusual habits...and fangs!


The classic story about Georgie, the gentle little ghost is back in hardcover! Beloved by generations, Georgie is the amiable little ghost who haunts the Whittaker house. Every night he creaks the stairs and squeaks the parlor door to remind Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker that its time to go to bed. But one day, Mr. Whittaker fixes the stairs and oils the door. What's a ghost to do? First published in 1944.




Harold is a friendly young vampire - but he loves candy so much, the dentist might have to pull his teeth! Now, what if he and the dentist, plus a couple friendly bats, all get caught up in the evil plots of the local witch? It's a wild magical romp for all ages, just in time for Halloween!


Watch out for the Dust Bunny Monster! 

Remember to count your toes in case he decided to take a nibble during the night. 

“Happy Halloween....Buahahahahahahha!”


What is your favorite All Hallow's Eve book to read while munching on yummy Halloween Candy during the month of October?


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