I love competition.  I love sports.  I love anything where there's a winner and a loser and I love being the winner.

 It's currently 5 degrees here in Chicagoland.  With the windchill it feels like -5.  My husband is at the Bears game.  I am jealous.  I'm aware that this makes me crazy.

 There's something about being there.  Even in super cold games.  ESPECIALLY in super cold games.  It's fucking cold and we're there and we're cheering for our team that we love and we are happy to be freezing our asses off doing it.  And we're all in this together.  You don't get that from your couch at home.

 They announce the temperature and the crowd goes nuts.  And I love it.  It starts to snow and the crowd screams and stomps their feet and reacts like we just scored a touchdown.  And I love it.  I love every second of it.


I love being part of the crowd at a sporting event.  Hell, doesn't even have to be a Bears game (those are just the ones I go to the most).  There's something magical to me about being part of a large group of people fanatically cheering for the same thing to happen, for VICTORY.

 Call me crazy, but it's emotional.  I long ago lost track of how many times I've cried at a sporting event.  I've cried in sadness over a loss, I've cried in joy over a win, I routinely cry when the crowd comes together and sings the Star Spangled Banner and cheers for America.  I love getting swept up in the emotion of it all.

 I've had beer spilled on my head while celebrating a touchdown, I've hugged strangers, I've high-fived everyone within a 5 seat radius.

 I love sports.  I love competition.  I love winning.

 I hate losing.

 I love sports because they're black and white.  I'm a Bears fan.  You're a Packers fan?  Well then how about a big 'ol FUCK YOU?  There is a score and a definitive winner and loser.  When the game is over it's over.  When your team loses that's it.  When you're out you're out.  Nothing you can do will change that.  You lost?  Deal with it.  Do better next time.

 If I'm at a sporting event and my team loses I'm cranky.  I'm  in a foul mood.  It ruins my day.  It's just a game?  Fuck you.  You know nothing.  It's more than just a game.

 When you love sports, when you love a team, you are emotionally invested, and invested deep.

 Their wins are your wins.  Their losses are your losses.  Why the hell do you think people refer to their team as "we"?  You ARE a part of that team.  You might now be down on the field with them, but your heart is.  And it breaks when they lose and it sings when they win.

 Now the Bears better fucking win tonight or I'm going to be PISSED.


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