Ten Sporty Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

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Today is Earth Day and you may be wondering how you can make a difference. If you're a sports mom or athlete yourself, here are 10 easy things you can do to help the planet, whether it’s Earth Day or not.

1. Carpool or use public transportation for a day (or a week or a month) and try walking, skateboarding or biking instead of using a car. Next time you have an away game or are heading to the gym, catch a ride with a friend or pick up a few of your teammates or exercise buddies on the way.

2. Turn off the lights, the computer, the television and other appliances when not in use. Spend a day outdoors instead of at home in front of a computer screen or watching TV. Try surfing some real waves instead of surfing the net.

3. When bringing snacks or meals to the field, better to use "Tupperware"-style reusable food containers instead of plastic wrap or plastic bags. At the grocery store, use reusable bags and avoid products that are overly packaged.

4. If you're a golfer, check out Ecobioballs - single use golf balls that are perfect for use where balls are just hit for swing practice, like from cruise liners or into a lake.  This 100% biodegradable golf ball can take the full swing of a professional, yet biodegrades within 48 hours of hitting the water without harming marine life..

5. Donate your old sports equipment or resell it instead of throwing it away in the trash. While you're at it, recycle old cell phones and digital cameras for charity.

6. Shower faster to conserve water. We all like to take long and hot showers (especially after games or a workout), but it is very wasteful. Try to shower in under five minutes and use a low-flow showerhead. Oh, and don’t run the water while brushing your teeth.

7. Recycle Your Shoes – Nike has a program where you can give your shoes to any Nike store or mail them to the company’s recycling center. The materials are used to make surfaces for tennis courts, basketball courts, running tracks and playgrounds.

8. Sign up for a local charity walk or run. There are lots of organized events that raise money for deserved causes especially ones devoted to women's health). Check out Active.com. for an event near you. Or volunteer at a local clean-up events such as picking up trash at the beach. Not only will you feel better about yourself but you'll also become more aware of our impact on the environment.

9. As athletes, you know how much water you consume so try to take your own to practice in a reusable bottle. If your sports drinks come in an aluminum can or plastic bottle make sure to recycle them. Also consider using a water filter instead of buying cases of water. Bottled water uses precious natural resources for packaging and transporting.

10. Wear sneakers that leave no footprint. Two years ago, the eco-minded Dutch company OAT debuted a line at Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2011 where they were awarded second prize in the Green Fashion competition. The sneaker’s uppers are natural bio-d canvas, a go-to fabric when it comes to sustainable style. But this shoe’s kicker is its seed-embedded cork sole. Plant or compost a worn-out pair and they will decompose completely, sprouting fresh flowers as they do.

Protect your playground! Happy Earth Day fellow earth dwellers.

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