Spotlight Talks And Mindful Moments Enliven the #BlogHer17 Main Stage

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We may already have a jam packed main stage keynote schedule, especially with our most recent announcements, but you know the saying? More is more.

OK, maybe that’s not exactly the usual saying, but when it comes to the #BlogHer17 main stage schedule it definitely applies.

We’re rolling out a series of Spotlight Talks and Mindful Moments to kick off keynote segments throughout our three conference days, featuring cool people doing cool things. You’re going to want to get to know each and every one.

Spotlight Talks

Think of these as mini-TED or Ignite-style talks, and in fact quite similar to the 10x10 Talks we did for our 10th anniversary conference in 2014. Quick takes. Amuse bouches for your brain. Smart people sharing fresh takes and new spins on topics you may have thought were well-trodden. Featuring:

  • Gina Pell, serial entrepreneur, elaborates on her philosophy that there is a totally age-agnostic generation of people called Perennials.
  • Ruma Bose, our Pitch emcee, author of the intriguingly-titled Mother Teresa, CEO, explains what she learned about leadership from her time as a volunteer with Mother Teresa’s mission.
  • Donna Orender, former head of the WNBA, affirms that the discipline of an athlete lives within us all.
  • Keech Combe-Shetty, CEO of Vagisil, Inc., is out to de-stigmatize  women's bodies and their specific health needs.
  • Bobby Jones, CMO of PeaceFirst and author of Good is the New Cool, advocates for changing the narrative for and about youth.

Mindful Moments

We want to bring the spirit of our new Health & Wellness track to the main stage and throughout the conference, so each day will kick off with a group Mindful Moment exercise, led by one of these practitioners drawn from our community:

You can expect every main stage segment to bring you big ideas, inspirational leaders, actionable advice, stories you never heard about people you thought you knew…and yes, a few moments to center yourself, set your intentions for the day, and feel the energy of a group of empowered and empowering women!

Elisa Camahort Page is the Co-Founder of BlogHer and Conference Program Chair.  You can find her on Twitter at @ElisaC


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