Spreading a little love...


This past week I have been lovingly putting together some little Valentiney treats for my etsy shop.  I love being inspired by the holidays!  

Some owls...Etsy-1 IMG_3756 2


Some bunnies...


Some lovebirds...Etsy2

And a very special Valentine's stuffed owl!IMG_3761


The owls, lovebirds, and bunnies are appliques that you can buy and do yourself at home.  I really like making shirts for my kiddos, as perhaps, you can tell...but making them for other people is always so tricky with sizing and color preferences, etc.  So, I did the hard part for you, you just provide the shirt!  

And, this little owl, oh don't you just love her!  So pink and purple and filled with love!

So I guess I'm two for two then, huh!! YAY, two weeks in to the http://i605.photobucket.com/albums/tt137/funshinegrl/handmade52.jpg" alt="Raising " target="_blank">Handmade 52...still going strong!!  Check out some more handmades @


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