Spring Break. The Window to What Summer Break Will Look Like.

I always treat Spring Break like a test run for Summer Break. 


How do the kids handle multiple trips to the grocery store?


How do the kids get along together at the house?


How do the kids deal without having solid plans each day? 


How does one act while the other has a friend over?


How many times does one accidentally dump a pound of lunch meat on the floor? 


You know. Those types of everyday situations that may test your sanity over a long stretch of time.


Thus, Spring Break is always the time where I start planning for summer camps.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


How about you? Have you started planning for summer?


Because they say posts are better with pictures here's one from yesterday, our last day of break. Vance had his first baseball game and unfortunately the temps were somewhere around 30 degrees. Vaughn spent a fair chunk of time in Justin's arms and covered with a blanket. Our games have been cancelled for this week due to low temps. Baseball gods where are you? We need some weather!!!   



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