The Spring Fling

It's time for that great tradition that almost everyone knows about, no one likes to do, and everyone likes having done it: spring cleaning.

Here in my neck of the woods we can finally say it's spring. I know in some other necks of wood it's practically summer... but I really don't want to talk to You People.

The Spring Fling is extra special this spring because I'm getting rid of clothing I no longer fit into. All my size 14s and 12s are going away. All the large tops and large bottoms are being flung into the donation pile and I admit I dance and sing a bit while I do it, too.

I can easily part with most items. There's the odd t-shirt with a sweet memory that I keep in the pajama drawer and the comfy sweat pants that will always swim around my hips. As I get further into the rabbit hole pile of backed up laundry, I find items that I forgot I owned that once again fit. And I've indulged in one or two trips to the second hand store to get some new-to-me outfits - and it makes me deliriously happy.

And then... I venture into my daughter's room. I can get rid of the small t-shirts and the too-short pants... but what about her plethora of princess dresses? She has amassed an amazing assortment... pinks and bright greens and yellows... and because she's a princess of the rough and tumble variety, they have holes and tears and rips of all sorts. She's particularly tough on taffeta.

Her most distressed outfit is not surprisingly one of her favourites. It's starting to look a little less Princess at the Ball and a little more Princess Needs To Press Assault Charges After The Ball. Princess Dress

And I can't bear to throw it out of course. She loves to dance around in it and unlike many of her other Princess outfits, this one appears to be made for a Canadian Princess... it has longer sleeves than the other skimpy versions.

Besides, the rips and tears give it character. She isn't the type of princess who sits and has tea... she stalks dragons (cats) and climbs mountains (bunk beds). She saves her stuffies from disaster and leads them on crusades to destroy said dragons (cats, again).

I've heard a lot of talk about how we force our kids into roles... "make" our girls wear pink or worship princesses. I really can't see how that applies. If she wants to be a princess, let her be one... she gets to decide what type of princess she will be.

Tea sipping or dragon slaying.

Either is fine with me.





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