Spring Love is in the Air

I love Spring.  I love the flowers; the breeze and the sun poking thru the clouds.


I love the melody of birds and the awakening of the slumbering earth.


I love the damp ground and the fragrance in the air.


I love it all---


Except for the mildew.


And, my word, do I hate the fine green layer that grows with the winter and rain.  It covers everything outside our house.


It makes me twitchy.  Really.  Before the ground has defrosted, I start whining about it.


This isn’t even seen as a flaw to my hubby.  He knows me well. He tackles the green with me.


The other day I returned from the store and I heard a racket in the backyard.  My heart started pounding and my palms grew moist.


I opened the back door and saw this:



And nothing says I love you like the words etched in mildew with a pressure washer.


Oh, stop my beating heart.


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