Spring Makeovers (It's ok to be a nudist)

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Once the mercury on the thermometer (or, since it's 2009, once the weather app on my iPhone) reaches 60 degrees I'm catapulted into a whirlwind act of flushing out my makeup. Washing brushes, getting rid of stuff I hated and colors that made me look like a hooker. It's a random act of kindness for my face.

In the spring and summer I become a nudist. Yeah, I said it. I'm all about the nudes. Not that during the winter I'm busting out bright shadows anyway but the heavy foundation? That's kicked to the curb. The warmer months mean a different way of approaching your makeup routine and I take this very, very seriously. 

Though first I should confess that in general, my makeup is pretty basic and kind of nude. I don't like heavy makeup and there's this really unfortunate photo of me after my first go at foundation and well, it's now a fear of mine. That said, my spring/summer routine is much lighter fare. Like food and drinks. No one wants to spend the duration of the hottest months with anything heavy in them or around them which should include your face. 

Here's what I use. And as you will soon tell, I am a brand loyalist (MAC, call me!). 

1) Bobbi Brown All Over Bronzing Gel with SPF 15 $28

I first put on a little concealer under my eyes (holy bags, Batman!) and then mix a drop or two of foundation with this. It goes on nice and smooth. Gives good color and doesn't make your face feel weighed down. 

 2) MAC Cosmetics Tinted Lip Conditioner $14.50

I love this stuff. Though I don't use this color, I use 'soothing beige' (I know, I am so boring). It's not stick and again with the SPF 15. My God, no matter what, infuse some SPF something into your skincare routine. Not just in the spring/summer but ALL YEAR ROUND. 



3) MAC Cosmetics Select Cover-Up $15.50

There's no specific reason for why I started using this particular cover-up but I've had it for years and once again, I'm here to profess my love for it. And I do really like it. It does the job of covering up and that's all I need. 

4) MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Blush $21

Full disclosure: I didn't actually purchase this stuff until I was doing research for this post. When I went to test it out the woman at the counter used the color below on me (Love Thing) and I was like, "Wow, that's gonna be a bit bold" and then she had to hold my hand while telling me that I would not look like I just popped out of a Pat Benatar video. This is the sheerest stuff ever and it gives the perfect amount of color. I don't look like a clown! WHOO!


5) Passion by OPI $8

I've heard complaints about people not being able to find the right nude polish. It either looks too white or too iridescent or too something. This happens to be my favorite for my hands come summer with a nice bright color on my toes (current color: DC Cherry Blossom). My toes are my favorite thing about spring though; they scream that spring has sprung and thrill me to no end.  


So what do you change about your makeup routine - if anything - come spring?

*Photos provided by MAC Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown and OPI

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