Spring, New Life, and Hope Are in the Air!

Oh my, the sun is beautiful today.  Here in Michigan it's still a chilly 20-something degrees but it seems with the turn of the calendar and the issuing in of March brought the feeling that--well--it's spring in our hearts.  We are ready for spring and willing to act like it's here.  I could feel it the second I stepped outside this morning.  The snow was crunchy with cold but the sun, even just barely post 7 a.m., looked promising.  I had to snap a picture of it and hold that moment where I first felt spring was really upon us.  A short time later, I was at the gas station where I spotted a flip-flop wearing man and I knew...spring is a comin'.  I would bet this man, like me, gets to that point in winter where he's just done with it.  Despite the temperature and the white ground, you just defy it and stop wearing winter coats and lugging boots around, and you start dressing like it's spring.  

Even as I write this, I'm delighted to see icicles hanging from my windows.  Not because the icy danglers make me happy but the fact that they're dripping fast and furious does!  Even I bucked the winter logic this morning and instead of boots, donned slip-on sneakers...without socks.  I am ready.  Ready for green and flower buds, birds in the yard as well as the occasional bunny.  I'm ready for flip-flops, glorious flip-flops, capri pants, and maybe even shorts (depending upon my body image at the time).  I'm ready for short sleeves and light jackets.  I'm so, so ready for a bonfires and sitting on the deck at dusk, snuggled in a chair next to my handsome husband, watching the sunset, the fireflies, and exhaling.  

Take heart, cold weather climate friends, spring is coming!


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