Springtime is upon us in Texas, but it probably won't last long. Yesterday, it reached 80 degrees. Next week, it'll probably be summer with highs near (or over) 100 with 100% humidity. Okay, yes, I'm exaggerating. It'll probably be the week after next.

Easter weekend will probably bring us an ice storm, but whatever. Let me enjoy this while it's here, okay?

I was out basking in the warmth and soaking up some much needed serotonin. I weeded a large flower container, planted some wildflowers, lavender, chives, and basil.

In the garden, I planted tomatoes, onions, peppers, beets, okra, radishes, spinach, black-eyed peas, and corn.

I also mowed the yard. Ahh, the smell of fresh cut grass. Is there really anything better?

The Carolina Jasmine tickling the senses.

Caroline Jasmine springtime

The Redbuds in full bloom:

texas redbud springtime

Making me sneeze.

Yes, I took those pictures. Good, amirite? (<--yes, I spelled it that way on purpose. So what?)

Being chased by raging bees as I watered the Carolina Jasmine. Screams could be heard for miles. Gardening tools went flying throughout the yard. Neighbors thought I was crazy. So what else it new?

And let us not mention that I ran over a huge pile of dog shit while mowing and was splattered with it.

I don't have a picture. You're welcome.

Are y'all ready for spring? What are your favorite smells or things to do when the frost melts?

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GK Adams