Springtime drink: Strawberry mojito

Strawberry mojito

I read somewhere recently that Canadians talk about the weather more often than, well, pretty much everyone else. As someone who checks the forecast every day and then casually comments on it to anyone who passes by, I can tell you this is true! A snow storm, ice storm, hail, thunder storm, light drizzle, fog, strong winds, heat lightning, extreme high humidity, extreme low humidity…conditions vary so much and so quickly that there’s something new happening every day.

What does this have to do with food? Well, a lot I think. The weather seems to have the ability to affect one’s mood and also the types of food one feels like eating. When the temperatures are cold and the air is crisp, people tend to crave heartier, more filling food. In the hot, humid summer months, it’s light, cooling fare we’re yearning for.

This winter was a particularly gruelling one that lasted well into spring (in some cases, like my hometown, they still have snow on the ground right now. Bleh!) But the second it’s warm enough to venture outdoors without a coat, we Canucks are busting out the grill, setting up our patio furniture and popping open a cold beverage.

Strawberry mojito

We finally turned that corner here in Southern Ontario this week. It’s balmy enough to sit outside for a bit without catching a chill or even enjoy an al fresco meal. So I decided now would be the perfect time to feature the first drink recipe of my new seasonal beverage series.

Each season I’ll be posting a delectable cocktail recipe that, while inherently indulgent due to the alcohol content, is on the lighter side calorie-wise. And a few healthful perks like fresh herbs and spices don’t hurt either!

This strawberry mojito recipe is my homage to spring. It symbolizes everything I love about the season: freshness, refreshment, lightness, herbs. Oh, and booze! Happy spring!

Click here for the recipe >>

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