Sprinkles' Gluten-Free Red Velvet Cupcake

I love cupcakes! What's not to love? Dainty little cakes baked to perfection with the simplest to the most complex of flavors. In Los Angeles there are a lot of places that make cupcakes, but they all pale in comparison to Sprinkles. Being the foodie that I am, when Sprinkles launched their Sprinklesmobile, I would faithfully follow that truck anywhere around town. It was much easier following their Mercedes bus than trying to fight traffic and make my way into Beverly Hills all the time.

Well, since going gluten free I haven't been able to enjoy a Sprinkles cupcake for months. I think for awhile there, I actually was having withdrawals. My iPhone would buzz and my Twitterfeed would tell me that the Sprinklesmobile was nearby and all I could do was ignore it. Pretend that I didn't know that in five minutes I could be enjoying luscious chocolatey creations.

Last month I was having some pretty strong chocolate cravings and was dying for a Sprinkles cupcake. So I wrote Candace Nelson, owner of Sprinkles, and asked her if she had any plans to create a gluten-free line of cupcakes. I wasn't sure that I'd get a response, but I did.

She also sent me a private message letting me know that there are more gluten-free flavors in the works. I asked her to make the Belgian dark chocolate which is my favorite. Until then, I'll have to settle for GF Red Velvet cupcakes. If you've ever baked red velvet then you know there really isn't very much chocolate in them. *Sigh*  Oh, well... If you head into a Sprinkles shop near you, just look for the G atop the cupcake which lets you know it's gluten-free!

Order yours for Father's Day!

*Sidenote* I've heard there is a great little bakery originally from N.Y. called Babycakes, which now has a shop in downtown L.A. Their specialty is vegan gluten free cupcakes. I'm going to go check them out and I'll let you all know how they compare.



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