The Sprinkles Rack

This is one of those ideas that makes kids happy.
And it is ridiculously fun for moms, too!

Andrea at The Simple Craft Diaries shared her new sprinkles rack last week, and I knew we needed one.

No, really.
We do!

First of all, we have an empty spice rack hanging on the kitchen wall.
My husband is the cook and doesn't like his spices all 'bleached out' in the sun.

And then there is the sprinkle problem.
(And I don't mean the half housebroken Papillon puppy either!)

Every time we bake we want sprinkles.
But the sprinkles are in the spice cupboard, shoved back behind all the spices (that are not on the spice rack).
So we don't see them.
And if I reach for them, an unsealed package of spices (how is this better than being in sealed bottles on the rack, I wonder?) pours out all over my head.
So we buy more sprinkles.
The result being that we have a growing collection of sprinkles, languishing away behind the oregano and thyme.
And it was time, nay, it was their RIGHT to come out into the light!

(ok, maybe a wee bit too passionate about the sprinkles' plight)

The Sprinkles Rack was meant to be.

Between our current stash and a trip to the bulk store ~ where I SCORED 2 POUNDS of red maple leaf sprinkles leftover from Canada Day for $0.49, yes $0.49, yes 2 pounds!!~ we are set for life with our bright, colorful sprinkls rack.

Now we have sprinkles for baking.
And ice cream.
Heck, we can serve bowls of red maple leaf sprinkles to guests, if we want.

The sprinkles are happy in their new domain.

So who wants to come over for a bowl of sprinkles? ♥♥


Lori @ Beneath the Rowan Tree


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