Sprouts. Fast Food Vegetables.

“From seed to salad in only one week,” says Good Sprout News about vegetable sprouts.  Sprouts are nature’s fast food!  And, “they can be locally grown and available in all four seasons.” 

Radical.  But so simple.  All the hunting I’ve been doing for local Colorado vegetables in winter, and really, I didn’t have to go any further than my kitchen for an astounding array of vegetable variety.

Before this week, if you asked me what type of sprouts, sprouts are, I would have said “sprouts are sprouts.”  If pressed, I might have said “bean” or “alfalfa” sprouts.  But then I noticed radish sprouts and brought them home for my husband, who has been packing vegetable sandwiches for lunch.  They were spicy…  And then, daikon radish sprouts.  They were even spicier. 

Cracks began appearing in my sprout-es-sphere.

On a greenhouse visit to Native Greens (I’ll have more greenhouse pictures on Monday), there were sunflower sprouts!  Ok, ok.  I get it now.  There is an entire world of sprouts that has been going along just fine without me.


Of course, every veggie is a little sprout starting out.  And many more of them than I ever knew make good eating (there are leafy sprouts, sprouting greens, brassica sprouts, grain sprouts, grass sprouts, micro-green sprouts, nuts and seeds sprouts, allium sprouts, and sprouts for animals).  People have been eating them for thousands of years.  Apparently, in the sprout stage, sprouts are power-packed with nutrients in preparation for the veggie to grow bigger.



And sprouts are really easy to grow yourself, right on your kitchen counter.  The Sprout People (I love that there are sprout people) say sprouting happens when you take a seed, which is dormant, and soak it in water to bring it to life.  “It is Alive!”  Their website has everything you need if you want to start sprouting.  They’ll even teach you how to travel sprout, so “if you are lucky enough to be on the road, you can keep on sproutin’.”  Hah!! Maybe I’ve found my cool vegetable tag line!

Have a Great Week.  Keep on Sproutin’!

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