Spruce Up Your Space With Black Window Frames

Black Window Frames

Bored of your room? Is your room looking a bit tired?  Does your room need a little pick me up?  Well here's a relatively quick and inexpensive way to spruce up your space.  Paint your window frames a contrasting black, and you'll create instant drama!
If you want to get really technical, the actual terms for the area in question can be broken down to a handful of terms:  muntins, mullions, stiles, and rails.  The frame is the area that frames the actual wall - not the grid area, as most people tend to believe.  I like it best if everything BUT the actual frame is painted a high gloss black, and the frames are kept a bright clean white for contrast.  Not only does this trend work for the modern interior, but it looks equally as stunning in a more traditional setting.  For this post I will refer to the window frame, but what I am actually referring to is the grid area - the muntins, stiles, mullions, and rails, as that is what the common person refers to as "the frame", even though it happens to be incorrect.  I hope this isn't too confusing.
As I was analyzing the picture from my last post, I again asked myself what it was that attracted me (and at least a handful of others) to the particular space in question.  It was a striking room, but  one of the main things that caught my eye was the drama that was created by the black window frames.   Black window frames are, after all, nothing less than stunning.   And the best thing about them? All it costs is a small can of high gloss paint, a little bit of effort, and presto! Before you know it, you've created a fabulous space! A relatively small amount of money and effort can yield quite an impact by dramatically changing the look of the room.  
Designer: Colette May, Image via Elements of Style
Black window frames and a black and white cowhide rug - I'm weak in the knees!
 ...And the Hèrmes orange-colored boxes on the shelf just makes this room even more stunning than it already is.  Don't forget to take notice of the glossy black floors.  This room is pure drama.
Image via Bijou and Bohème
The black window frames in this industrial loft style apartment provide a visual separation between the indoors and the space outdoors.  The outdoor space almost appears as it's own art canvas, as the windows frame the view outside.  Again, the room would not have the same impact with white windows.
Image via Love Nordic
The black window frames in the picture above provide a much needed break from all the white going on in the room.  p.s. -Gotta love the sheepskin rugs!! My little boy would be all over them!
Image via Chinoiserie Chic
The black window frames in this predominantly white room (with ridiculously high ceilings) provides the room with a dramatic backdrop which would otherwise blend in with the walls of the room and the view outside.  The space is much more dramatic and inviting, as it stands out and the view outside becomes more of a focal point.  The addition of the chinoiserie inspired blue and white ginger jars doesn't hurt either, and only makes this room even more visually interesting!
Image via Pinterest
This particular kitchen reminds me of my own kitchen not only because  it has a similar layout, but because of the amount of white used, and the placement and shape of the windows.  These similarities forced me to take a closer look at the windows in my own kitchen.  Guess what I'm doing this weekend?  Yep, you guessed it - I'm painting my window frames. What difference will one more ball in the air make, right?  Except instead of black, I'm thinking of painting  my windows a deep, glossy, "almost black" TEAL.  How dramatic would that be?  Especially against the color of the white tile, my bright yellow pots (which sit on the window sill), and brushed finish of the stainless steel sink down below?  
Hmmm….I also wouldn't mind the Kitchenaid stand mixer in this picture.  The other day I also noticed a beautiful electric lime colored Nespresso machine on Hayneedle.com.  Do you see where I'm going?  Uh oh - this could be trouble….  My husband likes to tell the story of how my broken washing machine turned into an entire laundry room remodel in my last house.  Have you ever read the children's book "If You Ever Give A Mouse A Cookie"?  Sadly, I'm that mouse.
 Next post?  A bar tray for every occasion….so check back soon!


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