Squash Soup

C had a football game at 8:30 this morning. Which means the alarm goes off around 6:30 on a Saturday morning. Which is a total bummer when the rest of the week, the alarm goes off at 5:00 am. You just want a break, you know?

So anyway. Terrible game.

After the game, I convince C that we should nap. I don't know how it works, I must have magical powers today. As soon as he falls asleep, I'm up. FREE TIME! What to do!? I know, make soup! Because I can't think of anything else that allows me to get things done but is also quite a silent task.

We are fortunate in that my little village has a community garden. The premise is ... well, free food! If you have time or talents (I don't) for gardening, then you are encouraged to pick up a spade and shovel and have at it. Otherwise, no obligation, there is food for the picking. C and I have stopped by a couple of times this summer. Most recently, we grabbed ourselves a pretty good looking butternut squash. 

So in the silence and free time of the nap, I start the soup.




This is pretty much all you need. Except celery. That didn't make the photo op. So you cut all of these items up which is pretty painless. Except the squash itself, that's the toughest part. Because there's the whole needing to peel and de-seed. Is that painful for everyone else too? Maybe I just need a more robust peeler because I always end up peeling with my knife which give me jaggedy, uneven results. whatev. Once I was done, it looked like this:


delish, right? All of those beautiful natural colors.

After that, it's just a matter of putting them on a burner with a bit of butter for five minutes to brown them. Which seemed odd,, to be honest, as my veggies were in such a large pot. Not a frying pan. How to brown a big pile? I don't know. I forged on. After five minutes of "browning", I added chicken stock. This was the only item that I didn't have in my pantry initially. I've never purchased chicken stock. Turns out in comes in a carton type of thing. The recipe said to add enough to cover the veggies. That means I emptied the whole carton in, so now my pot looked like this:



Now bring to a boil. Then simmer for 40 minutes.

By the way, this is a totally silent task. At this point, C is still sleeping. Yay for quiet-house! Side note: It's a late September day in Michigan, and it's BEAUTIFUL out. My doors and windows are open. I have nothing on. No music, no tv. All I hear is the awesome sound of nothing. Well, not nothing. Nature is making some noise. Namely, hundreds of acorns are dropping onto my roof by the minute. But it still is making me feel all earthy and happy. The cats are doing this:


Chomping at the bit to chatter at squirrels and chipmunks but too bad suckers. In the house you stay.

So... once the 40 minutes is up, you then blend in the blender, creating a nice smooth soup. The end result? Pretty darn good! Especially when you add a sweet roll slathered in butter! We rate it 8 out of 10.

Happy Fall!


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