Squat Challenge Results


I'm so happy I'm finished the squat challenge. OMG. I want to scream "I'm never doing another squat again!" as I collapse on the ground in an over dramatic faint. But I won't. I really truly do love squats (& lunges) and I've see what they can do with my very own eyes. I will never stop doing them.

Since starting this squat challenge, I've lost half an inch off my butt! Honestly I was really shocked when I measured. I thought for sure I'd remained the same or maybe gained half an inch. Partly because of the squats and partly because I've been eating more than usual - good food, but still... The whole time I kept up with my regular exercise and just added on the squat challenge for fun (fun?) - I considered it as "extra". I really didn't believe my tape measure so I measured every single part of my ass and sure enough... I lost half an inch!


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