Squirrel vs Me - Battle of the Birdfeeder

Last summer we had the large old tree in our backyard removed since it had died.  Squirrels and blue jays lived in that tree. I missed the critters in our backyard so a month ago I put in a hanging bird feeder hoping to attract the blue jays, cardinals, and doves back. I totally forgot about the squirrels.

Charlie helped me pick out a birdfeeder at Home Depot. It was a nice big one with 3 tubes and multiple holes for the birds to access the food. We bought bird food as well, took it all home and set it up. I can see the feeder from my office window and Charlie can see it from the kitchen window.
The birds found the feeder about after a day. The squirrel about a day later. I don't mind the squirrel sharing with the birds but the darn rodent was a hog! He threw out the bird seed and was eating all the sunflower seeds, which were for the cardinals. At first it would run when I yelled out my window. Then he started ignoring me. I went out on the deck and yelled at the squirrel. He just sat there looking at me, chattering away. I'm quite sure he was mocking me.  Round 1 - winner is the squirrel!
After about a week, I noticed the squirrel stuck on the birdfeeder. His furry butt was hanging there and he was flailing about. Finally he got lose and scampered off. Curious I went to check on the birdfeeder. The stupid animal had chewed the plastic on the birdfeed to make the holes larger. He literally had gotten his head stuck inside the birdfeeder!
The very next day Charlie and I went back to Home Depot to look for a better birdfeeder. One the squirrel would not be able to eat.  We found a very nice one with a decorative metal sheath. So far I'm pleased it seems to have worked.
The squirrel still helps himself to the sunflower seeds, despite there being a different feeder elsewhere in the yard that has nothing but sunflower seeds in it, but has not succeeded in making the food holes bigger.
Now that we have a dog, Ruby, the squirrel has not been around as much. The birds have gotten used to her running around the backyard but the squirrel avoids her like the plague.  This round - winner is ME!


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