St. Valentine Approaches... I Run and Hide

I've never really been much of a chocolate person. Truly, my weakness is more of the carbohydrates variety -- bread, chips, crackers, cookies, etc. with a super special weakness for mac & cheese.

For the Superbowl, I am making a very special BACON mac & cheese. True story.

So I was just thinking, as I do every year, that Valentine's Day is not far off and I HATE it. If I were in a normal relationship filled with love and trust, would I hate it so much? Probably not. I'm willing to admit that.

And the stores will fill with flowers and chocolates and teddy bears. And I will loathe the flower shop that is directly across the street from my building that, annually, reminds me of puppy dogs and rainbows and cheer.


(Just call me the Valentine's Grinch, ok?)

And that said, I have a promotion for you...

BTW, right now, the vendor is mentally thanking me for that bright and cheery introduction.

There's this spot on Malibu, should you live near it, that I've been dying to try. It's called the Chocolate Box Cafe. Now true, I'm not a chocolate lover but I've been wanting to go there cause I hear they have pretty killer sandwiches, which is right up my alley. BONUS for me, because I actually do not live near Malibu, they are opening in Beverly Hills come March.

And for Valentine's Day, they have a promo in conjunction with a neighboring salon, Prive - for $95, wash, dry, style... and a fancy box of chocolates.

Ladies, tell your men folk. That's a steal of a deal. (For those of you who do not live in Los Angeles, I automatically assume you pay less to get your hair done and so I envy you.)

Need a healthy alternative (I demand it)? My readers can customize their box of chocolates to substitute dark chocolate options.

All kidding and sarcasm aside, I was happy to plug this. Their publicity team is good people and I trust when I finally get my hands on a Chocolate Box sandwich, I will melt with delight.

And for more healthy sweets options, check this out:


Happy hump day!


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