We've all heard the saying "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." That statement IS SO TRUE.

         Lots of women have a list of what they look for in a man but most don't really know what they truly want. They're just open to whatever comes their way. DO YOU REALLY WANT ANYTHING COMING YOUR WAY? If you have standards, stick to them and don't go below your standards . DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS! Keep in mind that because you have standards, it's not saying that that person is not good enough for you.There is someone for everybody!

         Don't settle for less based on vulnerability, loneliness, or desperation. YOU'RE WORTH THE WAIT, AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH WAITING!

          Some women have their standards TOO HIGH where it's impossible for the guy to match. Look at your standards and ASK YOURSELF, "Do I match up to my own standards"? For example, if you're looking for a guy to have a nice, good- looking body, in shape, and healthy and you don't match up to par then WHAT THAT LOOK LIKE. Most likely, he's looking for a girl who wants to at least go to the gym or be active.

          It's nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going for what you want. Keep in mind to be realistic with your standards as well. STANDARDS IS GOOD AND PATIENTLY WAITING IS EVEN BETTER!

                                                                Rae Amor



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