Standing On The Precipice Of Single Motherhood

Right now, I am in the process of completing paperwork to become an adoptive mother of 2 little girls. I am doing a domestic adoption through the state which I currently reside. I plan to adopt older children, which has caused a few of my friends and family members to visibly balk. They have warned me that adopting older children could be very stressful because of the emotional baggage which they will bring into my life.

I have listened earnestly to the misgivings of  my well-meaning loved ones, done a lot of research, and spoken to adults whom were adopted as older children. I am happy to report that my determination to go through the process has not wavered.

There is a part of me that mourns the fact that I am unable to carry a pregnancy full-term. But, I also realize that my overall desire to be a mom is more important than whether the child I raise is biologically mine.

Recently, one of my oldest friends reminded me of a conversation which we had during high school in which, I made the following declaration:

“I am going to have at least 4 kids. I am going to have at least one biological child and adopt the rest.”

As I said those words, all those years ago, I imagined that there would be husband in the picture to help out with the paperwork and child-rearing. Yet, here I am on the edge of 40,  sans husband or even a partner and not at all terrified at the prospect of signing up for single motherhood.





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