Star Trek Quiet Book


When I was younger, my mom made us a quiet book. You know, a really fun fabric book with buttons, zippers, velcro all geniously designed to keep kids busy and quiet in appropriate places.. i.e church, appointments, meetings. Well, now grown up my self and getting ready for my first baby, I decided I should try my hand at a quiet book. But not just any quiet book, I wanted to do a themed one - because everything is more fun to make when it's themed...

and what's more fun than sci-fi themes....

and what's the greatest sci-fi show ever created?

Star Trek.

So I set to work and before long had created an 11 page felt Next Generation book complete with the Enterprise, Borg Picard, Finger Puppets, and more. Enjoy!

Cover/Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Finger Puppets!!!

Matt pointed out that Picard has 4 dots, not 3...
He's the Captain.
AND maybe some other ranks are wrong too.
I know I know...
I didn't feel like remaking them....
Page 4
A glove big enough for little hands to try on
Page 5
Page 6
Snap the Visor Back in Place
Page 7
Page 8
Destroy the enemy probes by unbuttoning them from the page, they will explode!
Page 9
Follow the right course to get back home.
Page 10
My fave page, little red undies and Captain Picard VS. Borg Picard.
Page 11
The End

The Star Kit Quiet Book kit on Etsy


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