Star Trek Should Be Mandatory For Children (Part 1)


I am sure I am the last person on the planet to see Star Trek.


History is once again repeating itself with me arriving to the party so late that nobody else even remembers a world where this particular party had not yet happened. To make this a bit more embarrassing I once again find myself getting to the party only because Bugi had the energy and mental stamina to drag me in (me, kicking and screaming and trying to run away), to the big dancing hall. That man never gives up on me and I hope he never will because I like my world opening up a bit more and then a bit more, seeing things from a different perspective. It's just the first step is always so damn difficult for me to take that I can take years to consent to give something a try. This particular paragraph can be applied to the majority of things in my life that I now enjoy regularly. And the range is wide - from agreeing to eat Coco Puffs which I had somehow labelled as evil for a good 3 years ... to say, agreeing to buy new glasses this week because despite constantly complaining about how much I disliked my old ones I never considered prescription glasses as something that you should invest in. Yeah, they only sit right in the middle of my face most of the time so no big deal. My logic is sometimes bullet proofed.


Today I want to start discussing Star Trek. We started watching the New Enterprise a couple of weeks ago and are well into season 2 right now. I have not seen the original series so this post will really be an open love letter to Jean Luc Picard. Consider yourself warned.


Truth be told I was a bit hesitant to give Star Trek a try because of some legitimate reasons (---->sarcasm):


- It was made in the 80s (I think) and given how quickly sci-fi effects start looking old (have you watched Jurassic Park recently? It looks laughable today and back when it first came out the special effects were mind blowing) I thought I would find the entire premise of the series fake. You sort of have to believe that these guys are in the future and travelling through space and if the special effects clearly take me back to the 80s something has gone terribly wrong. Well, it turns out that the special effects, though outdated, are not an issue at all. Yes, the aliens look a bit plasticky but Star Trek is not dependent, like so many current Hollywood movies are, on special effects and action shots. It tells the story of space exploration and yet I don't like it because of the numerous aliens the crew encounters. Yes they are interesting but the real reason why I am a trekkie now is because I am interested in how the crew reacts to these different aliens and to each other. Special effects have nothing to do with that.


- I didn't want to be a trekkie. I am not sure if this is even the real term but I am sure you all know what I mean. I have read so many times about these Sci Fi conventions where teenage boys (usually affectionately called "nerds") gather each year, each one dressed in ridiculous Darth Vader / Clingon costumes. Let's face it - I am so much cooler than that (----> sarcasm). Usually, I am fine with making my own decisions and establishing my own opinions (thank God!) which is why I will tell anyone who asks (and a few that never asked) about my love for Breaking Dawn (the books!), Harry Potter (the books!), People magazine (I need to stay informed!) and on and on. I frankly could not care less about all of the awful stereotypes that go together with these hobbies. I am obviously way too cool to care. But I sometimes have issues with long established stereotypes that I was introduced to in my childhood. They are more sticky and I frankly rarely take the time to think about them long enough to actually form my own opinion. Being a trekkie was one thing I knew I did not want to be. Vegan, green, a yogi, a runner - bring it on! But a trekkie? Hell no.


And so my opposition to Star Trek went on for years until a couple of weeks ago. And now like so many before me I want to see every episode and I want to learn as much about the creator as possible.




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