"Star" Your Close Friends on Facebook and See More of Their Updates.

This is a screenshot of my News Feed. Look at how cluttered it is! The left hand navigation shows an exhaustive digest of lists, apps, interests and more. I can't help but notice ads such as Sponsored Stories and Recommend Pages. Ugh! So. Much. Clutter.

Thankfully there are a number of ways to eliminate the clutter with creating Interest and Friend Lists and viewing your News Feed by those specific queries. For example, here is a screenshot of my Retailers & Brands Interest List; I find it easy to navigate when I simply just want to see what my favorite brands and retailers are posting.

One other way to clear-up your News Feed...heard of Facebook's new Close Friends feature?

Facebook is asking us to "star" people we consider "close friends," those we truly appreciate updates from. Perhaps we find their updates interesting, humorous, thoughtful and relevant. Well, go ahead and "star" those people! By starring these people, you'll see more of them in your News Feed and receive updates (if you want) every time they post. Additionally, you can manage this list and decide what type of updates you want. Don't worry, I've added more than two people to my Close Friends List since this screen shot!  



How to Star Friends

1. Hover over the name of someone you feel is a "close friend"

2. Hover over the "✔ Friends" button

3. Click on "Close Friends" in the drop down menu Will you be leveraging this new Facebook feature? Share in the comments below.