Holiday Organization, Part 2

It can be both wonderful and overwhelming to travel for the holidays. There is nothing sweeter than your own bed and your own home, but it's always great to come together and celebrate with family and friends during this time of the year. The two things I notice most when staying in another person's home or having guests of my own are the bathrooms and the coffee situation....more

Hosting a Heartwarming Holiday Dinner (In My Living Room)

As the holidays approach, my excitement over filling my home with friends and family intensifies.  This has been a busy year.   I'm ready to slow down and enjoy the company of friends we haven't seen in a while.  Imagine my excitement when I found out we are celebrating Turkey Day early this year. I started preparing my home for Thanksgiving dinner.  I moved my sofas into the dining room and brought my table into the living room to create the "dining room" of my dreams....more

Scandinavian-Inspired Holiday Decor

As you may already know, around here thoughts of Christmas are in full swing. I just can't help it. Once I set out the holiday merchandise in my Gift Shoppe, I'm ready to decorate the rest of my house. Last year time flew by way too quickly, and I ended up barely decorating my house for Christmas. I got so wrapped up in everything else, I completely lost the motivation and time to decorate. I'm chalking that up to a lesson learned and getting started early this year....more

Holiday Organization, Part 1

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and while this time of the year is full of family, friends, and time together, it can also be a bit stressful. Wouldn't it be nice if there wasn't a single ounce of stress around the holidays? Planning ahead, which is something I'm still learning to do, always pays off in the end. And this year, I'm cracking down on the gift list early. I tend to just go shopping with no direction or ideas in mind and just "see what comes to me". That has resulted in many gift cards and frustrations that I didn't put more thought into gift buying....more

How I Get Ready for the Holidays

Ever since I've become an official adult, it's been really hard to 'get in the holiday spirit'. I've found myself year after year thinking, "It doesn't feel like Christmas," or "This doesn't seem like today should be Thanksgiving." Do you ever feel the same way? Growing up, things seemed to be so magical, and I was full of pure joy October through December because the anticipation would kill me! Things get tricky when you get married and share traditions......more