Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Bliss!!!!

So- the year was 2004, I was the ripe age of 21 and it was the fall season. My sales manager (at this point in my career, he and I actually were sales partners, working for two different companies, our different companies had an agreement, he eventually came to work for the company I was working with & became my sales manager) was obsessed with coffee, I figured since I had just reached elderly age (little did I know at the time that age 21 was still basically an egg that hadn't even hatched) I should partake in coffee as well. He drank his coffee with about a spot of coffee, a little milk, and then a half a gallon of sugar, no lie, folks, that's how he fixed his coffee, and due to that awful trait, I ended up doing it as well... I didn't know how to fix coffee, so I followed suit, probably not the right suit to follow considering how much sugar he put in his coffee...LOL. Anyways. :-)


I told the Starbucks barista that I had never really drank coffee before, she laughed, and said "Hey, this latte came out last year, it's called Pumpkin Spice Latte, would you like to have that? It's very sweet, not bitter at all..." I looked at my sales partner and said "Look- I'm young & I guess I'm a Randolph County country hick, so, what the hell is a latte?" They both laughed, at my expense... Assholes... Anyways, I say "if I don't have to put a gallon of sugar in it, I'm definitely in." She said "you probably won't need any sugar..."  And this my friends, was the beginning of the obsession of Pumpkin Spice Latte bliss!

So- my office (at that time) was not far from the Starbuck's on Battleground going into Downtown Greensboro, if any of you are familiar with that area.... Debbie is the lady running the Starbuck's over there, I love it! One of my faves to say the least! Well, when #PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte) first came out, it only ran for like a month, oh boy, not acceptable in Amber Day (keep in mind- I was married back then but only for another like 6 months so we don't mention it OR my other married name, yuck... lol) world.

Poor Debbie would deal with this little 20-something pitch a fit like I was two years old because I could not get my pumpkin spice....
2005, was my accident, so I don't know how long they got 'em that year, but,
2006- finally, we were making progress, we were getting #PSL for at least 2 months, but, still not long enough in my world.... My tantrums, well, let's just say they were getting more tactful
2007, I was age 24 & much more mature in my delivery to Debbie of "I need #PSL for more than 2 months of my life as I'm foaming at the mouth for Pumpkin Spice Latte. I had become one of those latte drinkers who was buying like (2) or (3) pumpkin spice lattes a day to survive from severe withdrawals like I needed a PSLA (pumpkin spice latte anonymous) group, I'm not kidding, folks, my cravings are that severe.
All the way up to 2012, I had probably spent so much money at Starbucks on #PSL I could probably pay off all my credit card debt & maybe even more, I'm not kidding folks, I'm glad I didn't keep check registers in my 20's because I would be going through them right now and adding up all the money I've spent on lattes throughout my 20's...

So- here's to you Pumpkin Spice Latte, Happy 10'th Birthday, and may there be many, many more. I have fallen in love with #PSL each and every sip after sip, Cheers!

Now- I love this video because it's very country with the tractors & all, rural, reminds me of life here on the farm, check it out!
PSL Days!

Here's a Tenth birthday video! Enjoy!
#PSL Tenth Year Celebration!!!

Until next time, go enjoy a pumpkin spice latte (I know I will!!)





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