Starching quilt blocks?

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I'm falling behind on finishing the binding on Summer Charms - I still have two sides left to do.   I lose interest in sewing binding, but I have to finish it so I can wash the quilt and see how well the stitches fare.  I think some might pull out because of the problems I had with the Featherweight as I quilted it.  Should that happen though, I'll just add some pretty yellow ties to it to hold the layers.  This one I chalk up to the learning curve; I'll just be glad when it's done.

Since binding is minor in my books, I took another look at my cousin's Sunbonnet blocks this morning.  I was told they've been washed, and they do appear to have been, but the muslin is still dingy from age.  It also appears that these blocks have already been taken apart because the little holes around all four edges of every block look like the end result of stitches being ripped out.  So, it's possible these already had sashing between them, but they don't anymore.  
I decided to measure them and see how close they are to 12" blocks.  They're actually 13" so theoretically that will make them 12" when they're reattached to sashing.  I say "theoretically" because they are anything but square!!  I didn't realize how crooked they were till I lined them up on the cutting mat, so I guess my first objective will be to iron them and square them up.
I'm thinking I'll try starching them to crisp up the fabric a bit.  However, I haven't starched anything in my life and only became acquainted with the existence of Mary Ellen's Best Press Clear Starch Alternative a few months ago.  I have no idea how this starching business works out, but I think I'm a-gonna find out!
As usual, any and all advice is welcome!


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