Start of September

Hey again! This time I stuck another couple of weeks together just to try and get caught up. There are some in here that I was REALLY pleased with. Hope you see something you like, too!


 photo 2013-09-03081225_zps85d24ac7.jpg

In the top tier there are leftover homemade vegetarian gyoza, celery sticks, and carrot flowers. In the bottom are blueberries and apples cut into a leaf pattern.

Sandwich Dumplings...Again!

 photo 2013-09-04081606_zpsfab9bc1d.jpg

In the top tier are cheddar and veggie pepperoni sandwich dumplings, kalamata olives, and pickled pepper rings. In the bottom are blackberries and checkerboard apples.


 photo 2013-09-05082326_zps2a9d0b98.jpg

In the top tier are half a veggie pepperoni/cheddar hoagie and a few picks of good olives. In the bottom are some REALLY good local peaches and some marachino cherries for color. Seriously, these peaches!

Hoagie Take 2

 photo 2013-09-06081105_zps477c8f2d.jpg

Clean out the fridge day! In the top is another veggie pepperoni/cheddar hoagie and some celery sticks. In the bottom are more of those lovely peaches.

Leftovers and Nuggets

 photo 2013-09-09080421_zps2540c528.jpg

We had Chinese food over the weekend, so this is leftover Chinese veggies and veggie "chicken" nuggets. In the bottom are raspberries and local peaches.

Veggies and Nuggets

 photo 2013-09-10082230_zpsbbff4f03.jpg

In the top are fresh veggies (baby portabello mushroom, cucumber slices, and carrot flowers) and veggie "chicken" nuggets. In the bottom are raspberries and blueberries.

Spaghetti and Kale

 photo 2013-09-11081203_zps762d6aa1.jpg

In the top are leftover spaghetti and kale chips...which is funny because usually around here there aren't leftover kale chips haha. In the bottom are blueberries and raspberries.

Veggie Wrap

 photo 2013-09-12082834_zps676bfff6.jpg

In the top are veggie "chicken" nuggets and a veggie wrap. So easy and good. Spread a tortilla with cream cheese (this was seasoned with lemon pepper and grill seasoning) and put non-soggy fresh veggies in it cut into little matchstick pieces. So pretty and yummy! In the bottom are cucumber sticks and blueberries.

Slider and Salad

 photo 2013-09-13083200_zps3aac27db.jpg

In the top is a veggie "bologna" slider on  Hawaiian roll, some leftover salad from the night before (full of mushrooms and broccoli and green olives and spinach, yum!). The bottom tier holds blueberries and strawberries. She said this was the best lunch ever!

Well that's it! Nothing super cutesy, but lots of colorful fruits and veggies and things my girly likes. Good enough for me!


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