Starting off 2012 right

Hurray it is 2012 and what better way to start off the new year than with a God awful cold,flu,whatever it is. Start the year off with a bang? Nope start it off with itchy watery eyes, sinuses with unending mucus flow, and an unsatiable appetitite for chocolate. Champaign? Yes, but only if it hasn't gone bad :( wow. But, I didn't start off the year alone in this deep dark depth of cold dispare. Yes, my husband is suffering with me. HA. Actually, he was the one who gave me the crud. You know when some people say you share in marriage? I dont think this is what they were talking about sharing and if so I missed the memo. This was one thing I wish he kept to himself.  

One thing I always seem to notice when sick is there is never really down time for being ill. There is always too much to be done! The kitchen still needs cleaning, the house still needs to be in order, and I have a full time job with that. Bed rest? What's that?! I think as women we tend to not take time out for ourselves and say hey, that plate can wait. Or think work wont miss me that much if I am gone 1 silly day due to plague nastiness. It is so hard to let go and especially when you financially can not afford to miss 1 or 2 days of work. Therefore, you roll up your sleeves, take a ton of sudafed and go out into the world a stoned, snotty mess. Well, after you put on your make up and change out of your comfy leopard matched pajamas.

On a side note I have discovered that napkins do not make good tissues for noses. I think I need to stick to Puffs with lotion,and taking daytime cold medicine keeps me up at night even if I only take 1 dose. YAY!

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