Starting My Hunt of Women's Sexual Health Apps

As I jumped on the smartphone bandwagon a little late (2013) I did the first thing many newbies do -- I browsed apps. Then I started to wander towards sex-related apps...


I found Explore Women’s Sex from Brightfire Press ( first. As a woman, while I typically gravitate towards male anatomy or sex articles, but this one caught my eye with the heading “Get to know the clitoris. Found out how women get sexually turned on.” Because, let’s be honest, I’m 28 and I am still learning things about what I like. And if I pick up any clues, that makes it easier for me to tell my partner. A little education couldn’t hurt.


There are many anatomy pictures of the female genitals with interesting facts: your clitoris, as a whole, is larger than your thumb, as it can experience an erection when aroused. I actually didn’t know that, and I have one. And, thinking of men, especially the ones who are just starting to get to “know” a woman's vagina, the labelled pictures are probably more helpful to them than they are to me.


The turn on tips were a little general--encouraging touching of the entire genital area, or a vague mention of the g-spot--but one stood out to me. It said something along the lines of “She might not know what she likes yet, don’t think she is holding back information from you--experiment.” So important. In my opinion, this is encouragement to keep trying, as some women are not that well-versed or have shame associated with oral sex. Keep trying, people--experiment. Learn what you can.


There are two quizzes and an extensive glossary of terms. Once again, as a 28 year-old woman, I knew a lot of the information. So, I would like to have seen more anecdotal information or more playful language. But, for a younger woman, or maybe a man looking to learn how about the mysterious clitoris, this is probably really helpful. More straightforward information rather than an App-creators opinion on what they think works sexually.


So, if you like things straightforward, or you are just starting out pleasuring yourself or a woman and want the cold, hard facts, this app is probably for you. Explore Women’s Sex ( This could be an important tool if you use it as a springboard towards getting to know more about women's sexual health. You may still have to turn towards Cosmo or the Karma Sutra for real tips and positions...



What else have people found? The  good and the bad?

Happy hunting,

Lady J



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