Stash Busting: The 2009 Challenge, Month Two

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Last month I introduced the idea that 2009 would be the year of The Stash Busting Challenge. One idea or challenge each month throughout 2009 to get our work spaces and our wallets under control. 

With every hobby I've started, there have been classes and projects started that I lose interest in before completing.  Maybe I run out of a fabric, thread, or yarn and need to rethink the project.  I start a project in a class, bring it home, and abandon it.  Cut fabric for a quilt but never piece it.  Piece a quilt but never get the borders on.  Get a knitting project to the "pay attention" point, then set it aside until I find the time and inspiration to push past that part of the project.

Any of this sound familiar?

This month, go through all those UFOs (UnFinished Objects), listing each one and noting what needs to be done to complete it.  Blog your list and leave a link back here in the comments.  Then choose one of the projects -probably one close to being done- and FINISH IT before 2/28/09 rolls around.  Blog your success, tag it BHStashBusting, then upload a photo or two to the Stash Busting, 2009 Flickr group. I'll be looking for these posts for next month.

Stash Busting appears to be all the rage with crafty bloggers.

I'm a Ginger Monkey ran The Great International Stash Busting Giveaway with 55 different bloggers giving away selections of fabrics from their stash. This week they all held their "drawings" and named the winners. 

Sew, Mama, Sew talked about her stash as part of the Fabric Stash & Storage group on Flickr.  When asked "What are some of your favorite stash-busting projects?" she answered:

Reversible pants and skirts for babies and toddlers.  They are so fast and simple to sew, don’t take massive amounts of fabric (often they are the scraps leftover from sewing something for the bigger kids). Also pj’s, the kids constantly need them, and as it’s hot around here most of the time, a small amount of fabric is needed for a pair of shorts!

Firefly Lane, after reading Sew, Mama, Sew's post, decided to answer the same questions herself in a post entitled Maybe TOO Much of a Good Thing.

I thought this might be fun to participate in, although I am slightly embarrassed but just HOW MUCH fabric I do have. I am excited to say that I have been in my sewing room lately and have been organizing my fabric so that it is easier to use because now I know exactly what I have.

At Quilting... and the rest of life, kt is asking the internet to help her complete a healing quilt for a friend.

everyone is so pro-stash-busting... that maybe that random piece of green you still have that doesn't really go with anything... could be donated to a quilt that will help a family remember someone who was taken from their lives too early. even just one 5" square would help. even something from your uglies - this will become a quilt that is loved - the fabric will find a good home.

Trina, of Tina's Doings, completed two baby quilts using stash fabrics.  I love that she determined the finish sizes based on the backing fabric making each quilt different.

Sarah Libby took time to inventory her fabric stash and photo-document the collection. All piled together, she calculated about 100 yards. It makes such an impressive picture!

How's your stash-busting coming?

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