Nail Tech State Board Exam: Are You Ready?


Got sweaty palms, shaking hands, anxiety, bad dreams about your Nail Tech State Board Exam?

 You aren't the first and definitely not the last to feel this way. I myself, felt the same pressure of failing.

 Lets alleviate this induced pressure that we all allow to ball up inside us and put our nervous energy in check.

 I know you have heard a time or two when growing up "Practice makes Perfect" but to me "Practice makes Confident".

 Hopefully, You have instructors that understand how important it is to have a way to demonstrate and often perform mock written and  practical exams to help make you all more comfortable. The key to state board is to listen and follow instructions. Avoid looking around the room and looking at your neighbor.  Try to picture you and only you in the room. The examiners will be walking, watching and grading your work.

Don't let them frighten you. When I took my exam, there were about 80 people that day and only 5 Non-Vietnamese / Non-Korean, yep... knowing that most of these people don't attend school for their training, pay attention and execute based on your own knowledge. The written exam was a breeze but the practical was a little more intense. What I can recommend is that you really practice your tip application and acrylic overlay technique. We started with a tip application and then continued onto  an overlay. Make sure you practice on those mannequin fingers like they are your BFF. Most of all, the red polish application. Please practice your 3 strokes, the finished look of the application is crucial. Don't be surprise and see red nails that look like a 5 year old did it.  Prep, sanitation, are important too. So, if you haven't done this yet, get to work. No one can calm you down and put at ease but you. Get organized, label, and simplify your set up as much as you can so it's not like you just dump everything out of your suitcase.  I wish you luck! Practice, Practice, Practice!!! I hope this is helpful.. leave comment or tell me your experience. I want to hear from you! 

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