Station Wagon Summer Vacations

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Now that we are (technically) adults - some of us with children of our own - it's easy to forget our own childhood perspectives on summer vacations. This post is a delightful time machine taking us back to time before the mini-van, DVD players and seat belt laws. Enjoy!

"My brother Jason and I stumbled into the way-way back of our candy apple red station wagon with pillows and blankets to assume the appropriate positions for making faces at cars behind us, holding our breaths when passing cemeteries, and doing that hand motion thing at tractor trailers so they’d blow their horn, baby. Road trip vacations will never be quite like they were in the 70s—before seat belt laws were implemented or kids were able to camp out in the back and fathers were able to drive with beer between their legs. (Perhaps that was never quite law-abiding, but it certainly wasn’t anything taboo or out of the ordinary back then in the disco era.)"

70s Kids

Image credit: The Walter Family.

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