Stay At Home Chic!

It's a typical Tuesday morning. 

Your husband gets up, gets ready and goes to work while you are drinking a cup of coffee (in your pajamas) feeding the children.  He smiles and kisses you and the kids goodbye as he hurries out of the house while you continue feeding the kids and watch today's episode of Ellen.

Sure, you have some work to do around the house, because there is always something to do.  But sometimes it doesn't even seem worth the work since you would have to clean everything twice anyway since kids always love "re-messing" the work you have just done.

And with the short amount of time you have to yourself to quick shower and brush your teeth, the last thing on your mind is:  "Hmmm.  What trendy outfit can I wear today?"  It's more like:  "Is this shirt still clean?  Um... it will do." and quick get on with your motherhoodly task of caring for everyone else in the family except for yourself.

Sure, being a mom myself it is more important to me if my family is wearing clean clothes and are fed then if I ate a reasonable breakfast this morning.  However, after a while this selfless thinking starts to take a toll on mothers both physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Going out to dinner sounds like fun, but getting dressed up is a pain.  Why not order a pizza and watch a movie?  Buying new clothes?  Yeah that's lots of fun, but you can't wear new clothes while feeding a toddler!  Unless you have money to burn, those new clothes sit in the closet getting fashionably dated.

Look at yourself in the mirror.  Right now.  Are you happy with what you see?

If your answer (like mine) is no, then I think it's time for a SAHM (Stay at home mom) boot camp!  It's time to fold up the sweatpants and save them for bed only.  (Get your tears out now.)  It's time to take a proper shower and wash your hair and put on some makeup. (If you wear it.  However, if you don't, maybe invest in some tinted moisturizer and some mascara and a light lip gloss to look even-toned and alert.) Look for an outfit that is functional for your lifestyle that fits right.  No sagging holey jeans or stained shirts, please!  And to top it off, you can throw on an accessory to snazz up your outfit a bit.  Nothing crazy, but a simple scarf makes an outfit look instantly sophisticated, a nice necklace makes your outfit dressed up, or even a fun hair accessory can change your whole look!

Why should I do this when the only people that see me are my kids and my dog, you might ask.  Well, honey... YOU see you, too.  And when you look your best, you feel and act your best, too. Even if you only dedicate 15 extra minutes to yourself, it will show.  Your kids look up to you as well!  They should see a mom who not only loves them with all of the love that the world can offer, but a mom who loves herself, too.  It helps build confidence in themselves.  In fact, it is proven that mothers who complain about their appearance in front of their daughters may promote negative image issues in themselves in the future.  Who wants that for their kids?  Not you.  Also, you might even score some compliments from the husband!  And don't we all love a compliment now and then?

So you deserve it, Mom!  You work hard every day to keep the family happy, and the house in (somewhat) order.  Take a mommy "time out" and primp a little.  Each day I will write about little ways to make the SAHM mom feel like the princess she is...I need you to do your part, too.  You can thank me later!


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