Stay at Home Mom

The other day I overheard two moms talking while my kiddos were playing. They were talking about the buttons kiddos push, having to 'deal with the brats on the playground' and just the general stuff dealing with staying at home with children.

At first I thought they were putting stay at home moms down, but then one said something like, 'I did it for a year,  not by choice, and every day I dreamt about returning to work to escape from it. I just wasn't meant to be a stay at home mom.'

I left the play place after they agreed stay at home moms are amazing, but also wondering how many moms out there are hiding the desire to return to work, denying that desire for their children and families....sacrificing so much, but not considering it a sacrifice.

Not all of my posts are about stay at home moms or about what I overhear! Check out Mom is the Only Girl to see fun ways I sneak learning into play with my Kindergarten and almost 4 year old boys!


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