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Dear Mouthy Housewives,

I’m a SAHM and my kids are both in school. I used to keep busy with PTA and other activities with my other mom friends, but now most of them are going back to work because of the economy. I don’t want to get a job, but I’m starting to feel really lonely with everybody gone all day. What do you suggest?


Bored SAHM


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Dear Bored SAHM,

I would refrain from complaining to your friends who’ve had to go back to work about how bored you are these days… sitting around watching The View, leisurely sipping lattes, updating your Facebook profile and reading your favorite blogs and magazines.

It might irritate them a little.

Maybe a lot.

To the point where they start a rumor that you are sleeping with a local high school senior. And not a hot one.

Many moms suddenly find themselves with a bit too much time on their hands at some point in their kids' lives. Different women deal with it in different ways. You could become an exercise addict and commit to do a few triathlons this year. But really, what an exhausting solution!

How about a shopping addiction instead? Before you know it, you’ll be so overwhelmed by bills, you’ll have to go back to work like your friends. Goodbye loneliness! If ruining your credit rating for a lifetime doesn’t appeal to you, it’s time to dedicate yourself to others.

Find some volunteer work that really appeals to you: building houses, working with animals, putting in hours at a local homeless shelter, teaching kids to read, etc. The minute we stop focusing on ourselves, we suddenly start to feel a whole lot better about ourselves.

And I don’t mean to go all What Color is Your Parachute on you but what are your passions? Because it’s a real blessing to have the time to figure out what makes your heart sing. Make a list of your top ten favorite things to do. I bet you haven’t done some of them in a long time. And it’s okay to list “Listen to the entire Rick Springfield music collection.”  Now you’ve got your “To Do” list. Go forth and carpe diem!


Kelcey, TMH


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