What Staying-at-Home Is Really Like

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3. There is no normal:
I hesitated talking about "how it's really going" for months, because I kept waiting for a "normal" week. First the shock of leaving my career had to wear off, then it was Thanksgiving, then we were traveling, then I was pregnant (sick and pregnant mind you), and then it was Christmas. And then it hit me: There is no normal. If you live your days expecting normal, your expectations will never be met. Your child will change every day. Live each day as its own, and roll with the punches. Park dates get scheduled, and stomach bugs happen on the way in the car. You will never have a normal day/week/month. And although it took me a while to get here: Thank God. Because normal is the result of your own plans. And God's are so much greater.

I'll stop here because I feel like I could write a book, and let's face it, I almost have (that is, if anyone is still reading.) But really, stay at home Mommy-hood is a book in the making, every day. And so far, mine's been pretty exciting.

I just can't wait to turn the page... because I know it wont be the same as the last.




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