Awww, this has been the most wonderful staycation I've every had.  Opting for not traveling this year we opted for the cabin.  I arrived on Sunday and have been here by myself until yesterday (Wednesday).  The Hubby had stuff but he's here now and it is nice.  I've spent most of the time reading and painting, getting a lot accomplished but yesterday I knew I wanted to get those newly adopted plants in the ground.  So up and ready I was and started.  I'm not as sore this morning as I thought I would be but it is all done.  Mulching, weeding, digging, transplanting, all stuff I've told myself, for several years, that I needed to do and haven't, now it is done.  The flowers are beautiful and even while I was planting the butterflies were happy.  I quick grabbed my camera to snap this one.  I'm content.  I'm at the cabin, I'm relaxed, I've accomplished, The Hubby is here, my world is complete. 

Mother's Day is fast approaching and I will be a bit sad to not be able to wish my momma a Happy Mother's Day but I'm okay now.  Time does heal.  Actually, while gardening yesterday I felt closer to momma with some of the plants I put in the ground.  I thought of her as the peony went in, her iris's were given new homes and the hollyhocks I put in the corner of my yard.  They were all for the memory of momma, so Happy Mother's Day momma!

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