Where Do You Find Your Comfort? (Part 2)

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BlogHer and Stayfree® asked 19 bloggers to share how they find comfort during their periods. Check out their posts and learn how you could win a $100 DrugStore.com gift card.

The Find Your Comfort Part 2 Sweepstakes runs from 9/4/2014 through 9/30/2014 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. Click here to read the official rules. Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Good luck!

Working on my Woman Cave Part 2 + $100 giveaway

In part one of this series, I showed you how I created a workable office area in my favorite room, Scandalous Beauty headquarters. My makeup room/ office oasis is my place of zen. When my stomach is in knots and I’m in a crappy mood, this is the place that makes me the happiest. ...more

French Ragu and a $100 gift card giveaway!

Something I'm sure you're tired of hearing if you've been around here long, but I've got the best husband ever. He's so kind and caring, and always puts my needs before his own. One of my favorite ways he does that is when he cooks for me, especially when he cooks French food. Nothing beats his pain au chocolat, or macarons, but for dinner I prefer his French ragu, especially if I'm not feeling well or have a bad day! ...more

9 Easy Steps to get through that time of month

First question: How many days are there in a month? Most of you will say what we learned in school: 30/31 except for February. Next question: Out of those days in a month, how many of them are good days? This question may initially puzzle you and make you think about this for a little bit. Don't think too hard though, it's not meant to make you stumble....more

Comfort Food: Clean Chocolate Pudding

This blog post is for the ladies. It’s time for some girl talk. Let’s talk about “that time of the month.” I don’t know about you but when I get my period I usually want to hide in bed all day and pretty much become a hermit from the rest of the world. ...more

Monthly Dialogue

My friend isn't on the pill and she knows at some point in a week's time she will be blessed with the same general issues but sometimes she doesn't want to leave the house she's in so much pain. I guess I'm a wimp, I like that the pill, for me, keeps the kind of pain she was describing somewhat manageable. We were comparing our idea of comfort, besides keeping Stayfree in stock.  ...more

How to be Comfortable on Your Period

We have all had that moment when we check the calendar, or we start to get a mild cramp, and we realize... it is that time of the month. You let out a sigh and know that you are going to have to endure another week of discomfort. If you are like me, you have shaken your fists into the air and asked why guys got such a lucky break!...more

Comfort Factor: Relaxing During Your Period: Enter to Win a $100 Gift Card!

I often express that there is just no place like home! When do I most want to be comfortable at home and relaxing? That is right, during "that time of the month." That is right, ladies, we are talking about being comfortable during our periods. Between the cramps, bloating, and sugar cravings... a girl just deserves some self-pampering, comfort food, and relaxing rituals! ...more

Creating Comfort For Myself

I am a big advocate of taking time for myself. Earlier years spent doing too much set me off the tracks when it came to self-care. Since then I have become much more aware and sensitive to how my body responds as well as where I am emotionally.  ...more

Granny Panties

I am many dazzzzze away from the joyful experience of birth (no joke; I hate being pregnant so birth is bomb), which means I am far from the humbling experience of the hospital granny panty. Ooh and the diaper pads. Somehow you are able to simultaneously feel geriatric and neonate all at the same time. ...more

Packing For Comfort During Your Period

We are a family who loves to take vacations - a week long trip to the beach, a quick weekend trip to grandma's house, a short day trip to visit a historical town. It doesn't matter where we go or how long we stay, we just love to get out and spend time as a family. With 5 kids and a husband who works very long hours, these trips cannot be spontaneous anymore....more