Where Do You Find Your Comfort?

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BlogHer and Stayfree® asked 20 bloggers to share how they find comfort during their periods. Check out their posts and learn how you could win a $100 DrugStore.com gift card.

The Find Your Comfort Part 1 Sweepstakes runs from  8/11/2014 through 9/11/2014 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. Click here to read the official rules. Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Good luck!

A Day at the Lake

We went up to the lake over the weekend and I seriously found my place in the world. Being outside, on a sandy beach, playing games, and eating good food is my happy place. This is what I especially love to do during that "special time of the month." ...more

DIY: Cool and Funny Tampon/Pad Pouch

Let me tell you something. When I was younger (and still in school), I never really took note of when it would come, let alone be prepared for it. Soooo... I'd almost always get caught off guard, and I wouldn't have anything in my bag for it. ...more

Honey Rolls and "Comfort Factor" $100 Gift Card Giveaway

It used to be that my period was just something inconvenient, but it didn't really change much about my daily routine (other than being sure not to wear white pants- never had an issue, but thanks to books I read as a teen it's still ingrained in me that it's a no-no). ...more

Comfort classic: grilled pizza

What do you think of when you hear the word "comfort?" For me, comfort comes in the form of food; not in quantity, but in certain types of dishes. I know I can't be the only one out there who finds herself craving particular foods. Sometimes they are savory. ...more

Embracing My Vision Of Comfort

I tend to be a very organized, optimistic, high energy, check stuff off my spreadsheet kind of a person. My husband refers to me as Type A. I'm pretty sure it's the spreadsheets that led him to that conclusion. I don't let much slow me down or put a damper on my spirits. ...more

The Stress Gene

I worry easily. I am over dramatic about issues that are seemingly insignificant. I freak out sometimes. Michael would say often, I'll call it sometimes. I get stressed out frequently. I always have - even if it seems silly later on. I have the stress gene. ...more

13 Ways to Pamper Yourself During Your Period (or Anytime!)

Let's face it. When it's that time of the month, you don't feel sparkling and pretty. I know I don't. All I want to do is curl up in my favorite chair in my pajamas and read a book or mess around on Facebook. ...more

Sleep: 5 tips

Studies have shown that sleep enhances weight loss, improves your ability to concentrate during the day and makes all the aches and pains a little less painful when you get enough ZZzz's....more

Comfortable Is The New Fashionable

We prefer tennis shoes to high heels. (We don't even own anything higher than a kitten heel.) We are clad in yoga pants at every acceptable opportunity (and frankly, many times when it's only semi-acceptable). ...more

Suggested Title: How to Find Comfort During Your Period

I'm no expert, but here are just a few ways I've managed to make that time of the month slightly more bearable for myself. I feel like I should add - because it does make a difference - I've never taken hormones to control it... so we've got a full out 6 day torture cycle over here. ...more