Staying cool when it's hot outside

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I'm in Tulsa this weekend for the men's PGA golf championship, and the buzz here isn't about Tiger Woods shooting a 63 yesterday or John Daly skipping the practice rounds to gamble. No, all anyone can talk about is the weather.

Because baby, it's hot here.

These last few weeks of summer can be brutal, both because the temperature is up and because we're all feeling compelled to get in one last trip to the beach or the park or the golf course. When you're partaking in hot hot summer fun, it's important to dress smart and not overheat.

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Wear light colors. Darker colors absorb sunlight, which will heat you up faster. Opt for pastels or, if you're feeling daring, white.

Choose light, breathable fabrics in loose fitting styles. Clothes that cling will make you hotter; instead, opt for a breezy top in a flowing shape. But don't overdo--a tunic is a terrific option, but not if it's so big that it swallows you.

Or choose a wicking fabric, one that is specifically designed to pull moisture away from your skin and keep you cool. If you will be running and playing, this is your best bet. Lucy carries some great tanks that are equally great for working out or for dinner out.

Think about a dress or a skirt instead of shorts. Dresses, particularly one of the strappy sundresses that are so big this summer, are much cooler than shorts. Not a dress girl? Think about a skirt and a tank top, for the same effect.

Top off with a hat. A bucket hat like the one pictured above is a terrific option because it will shade your face and neck and ears, and keep your hair out of the sun. It is also crushable and so it's easy to pack or toss in your bag. I like the navy blue because it has a cool retro Preppy feel, but a white hat is always a good option as well.

Slather on the sunscreen. It takes one ounce of sunscreen to completely cover the average adult body. That's about a shot glass full. Put your sunscreen on BEFORE you get dressed, and don't overlook the parts of you that will be under your clothes. Clothing doesn't automatically provide sun protection, not even special SPF treated pieces. And don't forget your feet! If you will be outside for a long period of time, reapply liberally and often, at least every two hours (more if you will be swimming or sweating). A sunburn is never fashionable.

Quick and Simple magazine has more tips on how to stay cool when it's hot.

Susan Wagner writes about fashion at Friday Style and about everything else at Friday Playdate. She has a great navy blue bucket hat on today, and lots of sunscreen.


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