Staying Focused

What a weekend this has been.  The other day we had a huge wind come through Green Country and it blew in all kinds of stuff – including what ever it is I seem to be allergic to.  I have been not feeling like myself for a couple of days now and in fact have spent the majority of this weekend lying in bed mostly sleeping.  So- as far as the work I wanted to get done I still have all that to do this week.  We shall see- maybe I can take a day off and hit the house hard.  I am feeling more human right now and that is a relief! 

I have off and on been working on making a menu for the following two weeks. I want to be sure to make things easy as possible for when I come home from work.  I want to make the best choices to loose the most weight – if I have things figured out and counted ahead of time I would like to think I will make the better choice.  

I still have not gotten any telephone calls from my soldier in training (SIT) as he is now referred as.  I am a fearless button pusher and am pretty good at researching things and am not afraid to ask questions where I can.  I now have an address to write to send a little joy to Thomas.  I have been searching the pictures that they are taking most days trying to see his face.  I had almost given up thinking I was looking in the wrong place when I think I found one of him.  And I can not tell you the emotions that wash over you when you see your only child, dressed in an army uniform holding a gun that is almost as big as he is.  Do you remember the feeling when you were in the hospital and they handed you your baby for the very first time?  It was something like that.  When they handed me Thomas for the very first time I was filled with such a love – how could I love someone so much that I did not even know?  This was one of the feelings that overwhelmed me when I saw him.  I know you are thinking how you can not know for sure that is your child.  Okay in my own defense they are all wearing their hats down to their eyebrows and they all are sporting the same newly shaved look hair cut!  They were all holding their duffle bags in front of them and some of the pictures were not right up close they were taken while the people were filing past getting off the bus running to where ever they were going to at that moment.  Then when they all get together it is a see of army uniforms and hats- you can tell the women from the men but some of the soldiers look a lot like each other.  But I am pretty sure I found a picture of my soldier.  He was with everybody sitting down getting ready for the next thing they were doing.  I can’t tell you the pride that welled up inside me and also the mom part – this is my baby- my one good thing!  I know that God has sent angels to protect him and Thomas is so smart.  He will soak up all they are teaching him and he will be safe wherever he goes.  So my letter writing campaign can begin!!  These are things that a mother lives for!!   

I did the one thing this weekend I should never do- I figured out exactly how much weight I will have to loose to meet my goal weight.  Oh for goodness sake! What was I thinking?  That is the one thing that can make a girl give up for sure!  I mean really – I have an enormous amount to loose.  However I know that I can do this.  I have done weight watchers before and have been successful.  This time will be for good however.  There are three women that work in my same department that are such an inspiration to me.  Each of them has done so well.  Two have been on the program for less than a year and you can really tell that they have lost weight.  Pam and Patty both have shown just what it means to really want to. Like in my Made to Crave Study that is helping me want to.  That has been such an eye opener and I know I have shared here before about how I now know why I do what I had been doing in the past to sabotage my weight loss.  No more however.  And the other woman at work, Mary, she has lost all her weight and has been at goal long enough to be a life time member.  I need to remember to ask her how long she has kept all her weight off. She has an active lifestyle.  She runs in the morning before work several days each week.  I know it is still a daily struggle for all three women but it does help me see that there is the light at the end of the tunnel and I can do this. I have been watching to see what choices they make when the department eats out and how they decide what something costs in points and if that is worth it enough to eat it and spend those points.  They have all been very encouraging about my choice to join Weight Watchers.  I can’t think about how much I really need to loose.  I need to do this one pound at a time.  This will take a while but is so worth it.  Look at how beautiful my coworkers have turned out-if they can do it so can I!!  Skinny is going to feel very good!!  

The hardest part for me to make the menus is just thinking about different things to eat and figuring out what the point values are.  In the past I have put chickens in the crock port and eat that for several days but my palate is a little different now. So I have been looking at the weight watchers site and also I am just totally addicted to Pinterest- I actually have a page there.  I have been pinning recipes and this weekend found a huge amount of weight watchers recipes. So my lack of inspiration may have just been rescued! I plan on going back there and go pin happy- the more choices I have the better- I think.  Actually I do enjoy a really good salad and will eat a lot of that for lunch.  A good majority of salad is free as in no points!  So I can have a soup and salad for lunch.  Fat free jello and pudding are good things to have when you are looking for something to fix that sweet tooth.  There are defiantly more choices this time.  Fruit and vegetables are always good easy, quick things too.  I am planning on finishing the menu tomorrow and hitting the grocery store to fill out what is needed in my pantry. 

 I am staying focused and intend on completing this – one step at a time!  

Philippians 3:13-14 (NLT) 

13 No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it,[d] but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, 14 I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. 

I am using this in the context for weight loss this time.  I know it is not what they are actually talking about here.  But why couldn’t this apply to my situation? I am looking at it as in the heavenly prize being my body standing in line with the scriptures like it is supposed to be - My body being healthy and my lifestyle reflecting what Jesus is teaching us in the word about living a healthy, long life.  We are supposed to life long, healthy, productive lives – it is the choices we make that cut that short!  I am learning each and every day about new choices to make that are becoming second nature now and I expect to live for a much longer time that everyone originally thought!  

I am praying for you!

Miss Wanda 


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