How to Stay Healthy at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us

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#BlogHer15: Experts Among Us is only a few weeks away, and while many are printing up business cards and deciding which sessions to attend, I doubt that many are considering how they plan to feel their best while in New York City.

While a conference is a chance to enjoy a break from your daily routine, this nine-year veteran has learned that keeping your healthy habits helps you have a better conference experience.

Here are a few tips to stay healthy while at BlogHer.

Get enough sleep.

Yes, you're excited to meet new people and hang out with bloggers you only see in-person once or twice a year, but there's still a limit to the least amount of sleep you can endure and not look like an extra from The Walking Dead the next morning.

Fatigue may seem bearable the first day, but you'll soon find you're not presenting your best self to those you meet when you're exhausted and jittery from a caffeine high. You want to be alert, engaged, and ready to network, so be sure to plan for at least six hours of sleep each night. (Adjust to your own needs.)

Carefully consider your shoe choices.

You may be someone who wears heels for ten hours a day without the slightest ache from your feet. If so, my only advice is to be sure to break in any new shoes ahead of the conference.

For everyone else (the vast majority, I'm guessing), remember that you will be on your feet quite a bit, and you will be much happier throughout the conference if you wear comfortable shoes.

I used to be a member of the blister-brigade after my non-heel-wearing feet endured a few conference nights of wedges. Band-aids all over your feet are no fun, and limping around the expo hall is not a memory you want to have.

Stick to shoes with good support that are already broken in, and bring a pair of your most comfy shoes as a last resort if your feet reach their breaking point.

Stay hydrated (and watch your alcohol intake).

Most conference centers are heavy on the air-conditioning, resulting in dry conditions that can quickly dry your body out, too. Carry a refillable bottle with you and drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.

Also, if you drink alcohol, remember that your tolerance might be lower when you're not following your usual routine. In previous years, I've seen more than a few bloggers overestimate their alcohol tolerance after spending all day in conference sessions with little water during the day and only a few appetizers in the evening to count as dinner. I've had it happen once to me, too, and feeling sick the next morning is a terrible way to begin a conference day.

Look for some green in your conference meals.

I'll be honest with you: I love dessert, and I love it even more when I'm presented with a variety of desserts at a conference meal. It's easy to go for all of the high-calorie, low-nutrition foods that you may not have at home, but resist the urge to pile your plate with rich foods only or you might end up with that not-so-regular feeling.

Boys II Men are playing the final party on Saturday night, and you don't want to discover that the cute dress you packed is now too tight to zip up because you're bloated, right?

Keep your meals balanced, eat plenty of greens and fiber from the meal selections, and drink lots of water.

Wash your hands often.

Inevitably, at the end of every BlogHer conference (or any conference, really), there is a plague that breaks out about 2-4 days later among some of the attendees. There are people coming from all corners of the United States, as well as other countries, and so it's to be expected that they're unintentionally bringing their germs with them, along with the germs already present in NYC.

You'll be doing a lot of shaking hands and possibly hugging during BlogHer, which is a lot of opportunities for those germs to hop a ride to a new host. Don't let the germs have a free ride.

Find a way to stay active.

Aside from any dancing at parties, most conference activities are somewhat sedentary. Combine that with not enough water, painful shoes, and a poor diet, and you could be feeling achy and miserable.

However, finding ways to stay active after the conference can go a long way to getting you back to feeling energized and ready for each day, and lucky for us, BlogHer and Depend are ready to help with that!

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Depend, the official active lifestyle sponsor of #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us, will be hosting a Get Out for #Underwareness sweepstakes* at their booth (#1014) on Saturday and Sunday. You can enter to win an amazing active-themed prize every 30 minutes, including gift cards for a performance bike, fitness tracker, athletic gear, etc. They’re also giving away one GRAND PRIZE – an airline ticket gift card – per day. What better way to get active than through a fun travel experience?

I'd love to hear your tips for staying healthy at or after BlogHer! What helps you feel your best while at a conference or once you get home?

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open only to Bloggers and Influencers attending the BlogHer Conference (7/17/15 and 7/18/15), who are residents of the U.S., 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited. Entries must be received by 3:59:59 PM ET on 7/18/18 to be eligible for a chance to win the Grand Prize. For Official Rules, see event staff at Booth 1014.

Christina is a mom to two strong-willed girls and has been blogging for nearly 10 years at A Mommy Story, where she writes about parenting, special-needs, education, travel, Disney, and running.


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