Staying on Top of Life

As I'm trying to make a huge change in the way I'm living, and what I'm living for, I'm finding it hard to balance everything that seems to be happening all at once. Just as so many other 19 year old girls, I'm working a full-time job, going to school full-time, while still trying to make something of myself NOW. How do I stay sane? Heck if I know. But here are some of my tips (from experience) that might be relevant to your life as well.

1. Know what's most important.

Going to work is definitely a must. We all have bills to take care of. But while going to school, your education should come first. As long as you are going for something that's going to better your future and make you happy, having to find another job or calling in late once won't matter as much when you're working the career you've always wanted.

Have your priorities straight.

2. Make time to actually get something done.

When you're constantly working and going to school, when do you have time to do the extra things like homework, grocery shopping, and having lunch with mom to catch up? Things aren't the way they were before responsibility came into your life, so make sure you're not so overwhelmed that you forget about the little things that make everything flow together.

3. Eat and Sleep.

If you are running around crazy all day without giving your body what it needs, sooner or later it won't run so fast. There has to be some bit of acknowledgement for health during the day. Grab a few quick, fresh, (at least semi-) healthy snacks throughout the day. Also, don't be afraid to sleep in on Saturdays if possible. Your body needs some rest to refuel.


You deserve to be happy and healthy through this mess of a life. Give it to yourself.


Until next time,



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