Stealing from another woman-Rielle Hunter


"There's a place in Hell reserved for women who don't help other women."  Madeleine Albright,

I think that surely there is a deeper Hell for women who hinder or cheat other women.  I want to be in front of Rielle Hunter so that I can scream the question.  What the Fuck?

I have been tied up with my career development, my healthy living, and my stop smoking nightmare.  It all has been made easierr for me because I have my female friends on my side.  Girlfriends from as far back as High School and College encourage me.  A woman that I met just yesterday asked what she could do to help me with my job hunt.  Women of character intrinsically reach out to help other women.  We know the joy and the troubles of each other's lives.  You do not screw over a sister!

You can't miss the news.  John Edwards had an affair.  This has grown from the rumor stage 2 years ago and just gets jucier and jucier with every passing day.  John Edwards keeps admitting pieces of the story.  There is no point in discussing a man like John Edwards.  If there is a list of the top 100  creeps (M&F) on the planet, he is probably on it.  I think that he is just common lying  trash who abused those who worked for his advancement.  No time for that discussion.

There is a case for sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards-  Let's all pump our fists for  her  taking that pound of flesh from her husband when she wrote her book and made the rounds discussing is loutish behavior  He has been out of political running since she said the first word.  The woman is brilliant.  There is no way to know or reason to talk about her motivation to stick with him until this point. 

Rielle Hunter is the object of my contempt.  I know, I know that being angry at the other party instead of the trusted cheating partner isn't right.  I'm not letting him off the hook.  Tomes will be written and reported about him in the near future.

Rielle Hunter isn't young  and inexperienced a la Monica Lewinski.  She is not a nude model who live on the attentions of men a la Ginnifer Flowers.  She was a 40+ professional female who entered John Edwards campaign to offer a service.  As my friend Sherri says, SHE IS A GROWN ASS WOMAN.  Is there a fire behind the smoke of a woman who hadn't managed to get pregant during her marriage or the rest of her 43 years?  I'm just sayin'.  She walked in with her eyes open and was more than a little intrigued by a powerful man of money who had no plans to leave his wife.

So, obviously she stole from Elizabeth Edwards.  She took her pride and was part in humiliating her.  She took the security of a trusted husband and tight family.  She took from the Edwards children who have to live with this in the face of the gossip about their father.  Elizabeth Edwards is the obvious victim of Rielle's Hunters nakedly ambitious behavior.  She was hunting for a presidential husband.  How unrealistic is it to assume that she saw her future following the death of  John Edwards very ill wife.

What about Hillary Clinton?  What about the people of the US?  Let's face it, if any of this had been known, Hillary Clinton would have taken John Edwards votes in the primary.  Hillary weathered her own storm with her husband.  Again, we can only guess at her purpose in staying with Bill Clinton.  It is not outside reason to say that Hillary Clinton could have been in a different place of service to the people of the United States if all of this had been known. 

Here is what Rielle Hunter was willing to do.  She claimed that a married staffer, Andrew Young,  was the father of her baby.  Does anyone have a misunderstanding about her purpose?  She wanted John Edwards in the Oval Office.  What did she steal from Andrew Young's wife?  Pride, trust?  We haven't heard that story.

She dealt the final blow to her own daughter,   She has stolen her daughter's ability to respect.  She will grow up knowing that her baby pictures are on the covers of tabloids.  Will her daughter have a father or a man who pays the bills?  These things never turn out well for the trysting lovebirds.  I suspect that like so many affairs gone wrong, the father is going to keep his distance.  Here is a baby who will grow up without a sibling relationship with her actual siblings.  Here is a baby who will grow up with the lesson that Mom tried to steal the life from under so many women. 

There is a special place in Hell.

Hope E.N.D. = entirely new direction


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