Steeking Tutorials

The purple lopi cardigan is almost finished.

The grafting on the top of the hood is done. It was fun but a bit fiddly to graft with three colours. I don’t think I have done that before.

All ends are secured and the holes under the arms are closed. I always find the floats one the wrong side kind of pretty, don’t you?

The steeking is done too. Many knitters are afraid of steeking, but I am an old hand and steeking holds no terrors for me.

Steeking Tutorials


And it really is very easy. I have posted about steeking before and even made a short tutorial.

Some of my favourite steeking links are below.

The Knitting Harpy – Steeking

Hélène Magnússon Steek With Me 1

Hélène Magnússon Steek With Me 2

Steeking – Sewn Reinforcement 

Crocheted Steek Tutorial 

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